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 Professor Crispian Scully


Dear EAOM Members,

It is with great sadness that I have to announce the death of Professor Crispian Scully, EAOM founder and past-President.

It is almost impossible to summarize such a monumental life in a brief way, but I will try to focus on the most important moments of Professor Scully‘s  career.

Professor Scully qualified in Dentistry at the University of London in 1968 and trained for a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry (1971: first class honours). He qualified in Medicine (1974) before undertaking research as a Research Fellow funded by the Medical Research Council. His Doctor of Philosophy, in Pathology, was awarded in 1979 and he was appointed Lecturer and then Senior Lecturer in Oral Medicine and Immunology at the University of Glasgow, obtaining the Fellowship in Dental Surgery (Glasgow) in 1979. In 1982 he was appointed to the Chair and Head of Department of Oral Medicine, Surgery and Pathology at the University of Bristol. He was appointed Dean from 1985-1990. He gained his Membership in Pathology (1983), Doctorate in Medicine (1987) and Mastership in Dental Surgery (1988) on the basis of research publications, the Fellowship in Oral Medicine (Ireland) by examination in 1989, the Fellowship in Dental Surgery (England) and Fellowship of the Royal College of Pathologists in 1992 and the Fellowship in Dental Surgery (Edinburgh) and Fellowship of the Academy of Medical Sciences in 1998. He was appointed Dean, Director of Studies and Research, and Professor of Oral Medicine, Pathology and Microbiology at the Eastman Dental Institute, University of London in 1994 and was re-appointed for 2 further 5 year terms at UCL from 1999 and 2004. He was Clinical Director of the Eastman 1995-1996. Professor Scully was Co-director of the World Health Organisation Collaborating Centre for oral health, disability and culture 1998-2008.

Professor Scully authored over 1,100 publications of all types and published over 40 textbooks as author, co-author or editor.His books led to many award of publication prizes including the Doody Prize for one of the top-selling medical or dental books worldwide and British Medical Association High Commendation and the Society of Authors /Royal Society of Medicine Prize.

He founded 2 journals, Oral Oncology and Oral Diseases, both of which are considered to be amongst the best journals of their subject areas. Professor Scully was past Editor of Oral Oncology but he was still co-Editor of Oral Diseases and co-Editor of Medicina Oral, Patologia Oral and Cirurgia Oral and Associate Editor of Journal of Investigative and Clinical Dentistry.

Professor Scully received the Colgate-Palmolive Research Prize of the International Association for Dental Research, the University of Helsinki Medal of Honour, the University of Granada Gold Medal, the University of Santiago de Compostela Dental Award for Clinical Research, and eponymous University lectureships in USA (California, Harvard), UK (London, Oxford), Europe (Belgrade, Helsinki, Lubjiana), the Royal Colleges of Surgeons in England and in Glasgow, and the Royal Army Medical Corps. Professor Crispian Scully has received the Fellowship of UCL; Doctorates from the Universities of Athens, Granada, Helsinki and Pretoria; the Award of the Spanish Society for Oral Medicine; and Fellowship of the Greek Society for Oral Medicine. He was awarded the UK Dental Award for the Most Outstanding Achievements in Dentistry, and Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE) for Service to Dental Patient Carein the 1999 New Year Honours.

He held senior positions in many national and international specialty organisations including Presidencies of the  British Society for Oral Medicine (on two occasions), the British Society for Disability and Oral Health, the International Association for Oral Oncology and the International Federation of Oral Medicine.

Professor Scully was undoubtedly one of the most known Oral Medicine specialist worldwide also because his incredible and restless activity of lecturer that brings him virtually in almost every part of the world.

Professor Scully formed EAOM in 1998 in London with Professor Isaac van der Waal (Netherlands) and  along with Professors Sir David Mason (United Kingdom),Tony Axéll (Scandinavia), Antonio Azul (Portugal), and Stephen Challacombe (United Kingdom). He then became the third President of the Society between 2002 and 2004.

Professor Scully has been an outstanding educator, a legendary lecturer, a wonderful organizer and incredible prolific writer.

He has greatly helped the establishment and development of Oral Medicine in Europe and Worldwide and he has mentored and supported a countless number of colleagues to find their way in the field.

Many of us will always be indebted to him for the encouragement and facilitation of their careers.

Several will remember forever his friendship and his kind,elegant and amicable manners and his sharp and subtle irony.

Everyone will sorely miss Professor Scully but his legacy will last forever and will never be forgotten.

On behalf of the EAOM, my sincere condolences to Crispian’s wife Zoe and his daughter Frances and all the family

Prof Marco Carrozzo

EAOM President

Condolences for Professor Crispian Scully

Dear BAD Member

Dr Jane Setterfield contacted the BAD to announce with deepest sadness the death of Professor Crispian Scully.  Professor Scully was not a BAD member, but many dermatologists will know of him through his many book chapters and publications if not in person. He has made an enormous contribution to the field of Oral Medicine globally and has been of great help to dermatologists in recognising and managing patients with oral and mucocutaneous disorders. 

Marilyn Benham

Chief Executive Officer

I was so very sorry to hear of Crispian's untimely death. In addition to his vast contribution to Oral Medicine globally he was enormously valued in the field of dermatology where his publications and book chapters helped many of us recognise and manage our patients with oral and mucocutaneous diseases. He will be greatly missed. I send my sincere condolences to his wife and family.

Jane Setterfield

 Dr Jane Setterfield BDS DCH MD FRCP

Reader /Honorary Consultant in Dermatology in relation to Oral Disease

Department of Oral Medicine and St John's Institute of Dermatology

Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust

I am deeply saddened by the premature loss of Professor Scully. I am one of the many who is indebted to him as I would not be where I am, and what I am, without his support. He was a giant who paved the way for Oral Medicine to flourish and expand in UK and globally; it has been far too easy for me, as with many others, to benefit from his example, support and inspiration.

“If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants” [Isaac Newton]

With sincere condolences to his wife Zoe, his daughter Frances, and all his family.

Dr. Stefano Fedele DDS, PhD

Clinical Senior Lecturer and Honorary Consultant in Oral Medicine

Head of Department of Clinical Research – UCL EDI

Programme Director - MSc in Oral Medicine

Chair of the UCL Eastman Clinical Investigation Centre (ECIC)

Oral Medicine Unit

UCL Eastman Dental Institute

In Norway we also deeply regret the loss of Professor Crispian Scully -thanks to his "giant shoulders we can see further".

Our sincere condolences to his family.

On behalf of all colleagues in the Norwegian Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons,

Cecilie Gjerde and Bente Brokstad Herlofson

President and Past-President

Bente Brokstad Herlofson

Assoc. professor / oral and maxillofacial surgeon / PhD

Dept. of oral surgery and oral medicine

Faculty of Dentistry

University of Oslo



On behalf of the American Academy of Oral Medicine, I wanted to convey our deep sadness about the untimely death of Professor Crispian Scully. His vision and untiring efforts over more than four decades have helped to transform Oral Medicine from a regionally-based to an internationally-based specialty. His monumental academic contributions across virtually every aspect of oral medicine have had an extraordinarily positive impact on a generation of clinicians and researchers. The AAOM sends our heartfelt sympathies to his family, friends and colleagues.

Dr. Wendy Hupp, President, American Academy of Oral Medicine

In Sweden we deeply regret the loss of Professor Crispian Scully - an icon in our field.

Our sincere condolences to his family.

On behalf of all colleagues in the Swedish Society for Orofacial Medicine,

Maria Westin Bengt Hasséus

President Past-President

Dear members of the EAOM,

It's with big grief that we heard about the sudden departure  of our colleague Prof. Crispian Scully. He was a founder, mentor and outstanding scientific personality in the field of Oral Medicine.

The Romanian Society of Oral Medicine deeply regret this lost.

We send all our compassion to his family!

Prof. Dr. Serban TOVARU

Discipline of Oral Medicine, Faculty of Dental Medicine

Carol Davila University of Medicine and Pharmacy,Bucharest, Romania


Although everyone has a finite life span, that of Prof. Scully was too short. This is a very difficult time and I express my deepest sympathies to his family and close friends.  However, it was a great honor for me to know and work with Prof. Scully over the past 25 years. His generous and helpful character has given me many happy memories of him, which I cherish.

Prof. Scully supported me during my academic career in various different roles, such as advisor, mentor, and best friend. He provided an important driving force for my development as an Oral Medicine specialist.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Prof. Scully for all he had done for me and our country. He will be always on our minds and his name will be never forgotten.

            Rest in peace – Prof. Scully, a great pillar of Oral Medicine.

            With deepest condolences to the family of Prof. Scully.

Prof. Kobkan Thongprasom

            Advisory editor, Oral Diseases

            Founder of Oral Diseases Group of Thailand

On behalf of the Greek Association of Oral Medicine -GAOM

We at GAOM are very shocked and saddened to hear about the death of our honorary member Prof Crispian Scully. We still cannot believe that Prof Scully died so unexpectedly.

Prof Scully was such a wonderful person and had always been a great asset for GAOM. He supported our association from its very start and we are all very thankful. His presence will always be missed

We would like to inform his family that we plan an “obituary presentation” during our annual meeting designed by his dear colleague and friend Prof Laskaris as a tribute to Prof Scully.

With heartfelt condolences,

Eleni Georgakopoulou MD, DDS, MSc, PhD

Board Member of the Greek Association of Oral Medicine

I am very much saddened by the sudden news of Prof. Scully's death.

We, in Indonesia have never met him personally, however he is always with us through his books and his articles.  We always admire his professionalism and great passion in Oral Medicine. He has been a long life teacher for many students all around the world and we would greatly miss him.  My sincere and deep condolences also for his loving family.

Thank you very much Professor Scully, may you rest in peace.

Sincerely yours,

Yuniardini S Wimardhani

Crispian was a friend, a mentor and an example to follow, even the latter is an almost impossible task.   In many occasions, we had the opportunity to lecture at many meeting, in Spain, Amsterdam and Brazil, in particular.   Every time we briefly chatted at breakfast or lunch, it was a lecture by itself.    We used to seat close to each other at meetings, and quite often,  we disagreed with a lecturer....something that made us at times non-popular....but think about the scientific rigor that he always followed, and then you will understand.....his honest and respectful comments were always  important and enriching, scientifically speaking.    My personal feeling is that even he was highly respected, he did not receive the whole credit and recognition he deserved.

I´m already missing a friend and for sure, the best consultant on Oral Medicine.    He will be greatly missed, but never forgotten.    I am sure I met two giants and genius in my professional life: Crispian and Bob Gorlin.    I feel blessed by their friendship, motivation and advice, they both always gave without any reserve.

They will live in my hearts and my thoughts, for as long as I live, and be assured that I will also transmit these feelings to the new generations I´m privileged to teach.

My deepest sympathies to his family and to the EAOM.

With kind regards,

Roman Carlos

Pathology Division

Centro Clínico de Cabeza y Cuello

Guatemala City, Guatemala.

Lundi 20 mars 2017

Chers Collègues,

Je viens d' apprendre le décès de mon trèscher Ami et Collègue Crispian Scully.

Cette triste nouvelle à la quelle j' étais bien loin de m' attendre me cause une peine profonde, au moment où je dois partir pour l' étranger. Je voudrais présenter à son épouse et à sa famille mes bien vives condoléances, et les assurer que jepartage leur douleur.

Prof. Roger Kuffer

What terrible news these are.

In the beginning of December he tried to call me, but I couldn’t answer. Afterwards he sent me an email saying he would call me later. Nothing special he wrote. He never did…

… now, I’ll never know what he wanted to say.

He was everything but an ordinary man.

In him I always found words of support: the kind of “unexpected” words, delivered in an “unexpected” manner or time, that would disarmed one’s ego and makes one move along.

I shall remember every single one of those words.

I will miss him and his idiosyncrasies.

I will miss the expert, the man… and if not the friend - It would be pretentious on my side to call him that - at least his friendship. That much I know to be true.

May Cris find peace in the words of Angelina Weld Grimké:

How strange, how passing strange, when we awake

And lift our faces to the light

To know that you are lying shut away

Within the night.

How strange, how passing strange, when we lie down

To sleep, to know that you are quite

Alone beneath the moon, the stars, the little leaves,

Within the night.

How strange, how passing strange to know - our eyes

Will gladden at the fine sweet sight

Of you no more, for now your face is hid

Within the night.

Strange, strange indeed, these things to us appear

And yet we know they must be right;

And though your body sleeps, your soul has passed

Beyond the night.

Ah! friend, it must be sweet to slip from out

The tears, the pain, the losing fight

Below, and rest, just rest eternally

Beyond the night.

And sweet it must be too, to know the kiss

Of Peace, of Peace, the pure, the white

And step beside her hand in hand quite close

Beyond the night.

May he Rest in Peace.


Yours truly,

Professor Rui Amaral Mendes, DMD, PhD, FIAOMS, FIAOO, MASCO

Adjunct Professor of Oral and Maxillofacial Medicine

Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Medicine and Diagnostic Sciences, Case Western Reserve University,USA


Center for Research in Higher Education Policies, University of Porto, Portugal

Dear members of EAOM, dear friends,

In Copenhagen, we were all shocked and saddened to learn of the sudden passing of Professor Crispian Scully. As Professor Jens J. Pindborg, he became a legend in Oral Medicine and known to everyone in the dental society. His dedication to the field was inspiring to us all, and his passing will be a great loss to our profession.

Our sincere condolences to his family, friends and colleagues,

Best regards,

Anne Marie Lynge Pedersen

Anne Marie Lynge Pedersen

Head of Department of OdontologySchool of Dentistry

Associate Professor, PhD, DDS

Department of Odontology

Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences

University of Copenhagen,Denmark

One can't express his feelings when hearing such shocking news. The man who we lost is irreplaceable by any means. To be practical, words will not be enough to describe what he gave to Oral Medicine, to Dentistry, to Medicine and to Humanity as general. I suggest people try to achieve the goals he tried to accomplish when he was alive between us. I hope his family will stay strong and strong. We are all proud of this legendary man (may his soul rest in peace).


Dr. Abdullahi Hamid

Oral Medicine Specialist


Dear Marco and Professor Scully’s family,

As one colleague put it “too sad for wards;” I am shocked and saddened at my colleague untimely passing.  I have interacted with Dr. Scully many times including one related to the correct spelling of my name (which he accurately spelled.  I do not or my parents did not).  His knowledge of oral medicine and pathology; his kindness and willingness to help and share knowledge is beyond anybody I know.   I am so sorry for the loss of such a wonderful person and a giant of a clinician.  May he rest in peace.  He will always live in our hearts and mind.

My deepest condolences to his family and colleagues

Dolphine Oda

Dolphine Oda, BDS, MSc

Professor & Director

Oral Pathology Biopsy Service

Department of Oral Surgery

University of Washington School of Dentistry

Seattle, Washington,USA

Dear Colleagues and Friends:

this morning I woke up and read with great sadness about Professor Crispian Scully.

He was a truly inspiration and a real guide for all of us in the field of Oral Medicine and Pathology.

I would like to express my deepest condolences to his family, friends and colleagues.

Sincerely yours

Dr. Silvio Abati, M.D., D.M.D

Professor of Oral Pathology and Stomatology

Chief, Clinical Unit of Oral Medicine and Pathology

University Vita-Salute San Raffaele Milano

IRCCS San Raffaele University Hospital

Dental School, Department of Dentistry

Milano, ITALY

WHO Collaborating Centre for Epidemiology

and Community Dentistry, Milano, Italy

Dear Dr. Carrozzo

Such a nice gesture from you to keep the memory of one of the legends of Pathology and Medicine alive

He will be truly missed by all, I know I was always puzzled by the mouintain of accomplishments and how he did it within the short time they were done it, and still had time to return emails when I emailed him while I was one of Drs Fantasia and Sciubba’s residents

May God bless his S. and provide his family and loved ones with patience and comfort during his big loss

All the best


Nasser Said-Al-Naief, DDS, MS

Professor & Chair, Oral Pathology and Radiology

Director, OMFP Laboratory

OHSU School of Dentistry

OHSU School of Medicine

Portland, Oregon, USA

Dear BBOPers,

We are deeply sorry to learn of Prof. Crispian passing.

I met with Prof. Crispian was 32 years ago and he always advised me on my research.

His passing will be great loss for his family and our profession.

In deepest sympathy,

Hatsuhiko Maeda


Hatsuhiko Maeda, DDS, PhD, FICD.

Professor and Chair

Department of Oral Pathology,

School of Dentistry,

Aichi Gakuin University.

Nagoya, JAPAN

Dear all,

We are all deeply shocked to hear of the sudden death of Professor Crispian Scully and we would like to offer our deepest and most heartfelt condolences.

Our thoughts are with his family at this most difficult time of loss.

Oral Medicine Department

Faculty of Dental Medicine

University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Gr.T.Popa” Iaşi, Romania

Dear members of EAOM, dear friends,

I and my staff were deeply distressed to hear of Crispian´s sudden death.

We all knew him as an outstanding brilliant scientist and a humorous colleague. It was always a great pleasure hearing and enjoying his lectures, not only for the efficient and business-like way he lectured and worked, but particularly for his personal qualities.

I remember back in 1995, when Crispian asked me if he may borrow a slide – a rare case of oral cryptococcosis in an AIDS patient- for his lecture. I was deeply impressed that this merit professor even mentioned my name when showing it.

It is a great loss to all who knew him. He will be sorely missed.

We would like to convey our sincere sympathies to his family.

Prof.Dr. A. M. Schmidt-Westhausen

Ltg. Oralmedizin, zahnärztlicheRöntgenologie und Chirurgie

CharitéCentrumfür Zahn, Mund- und Kieferheilkunde (CC03)

Assmannshauser Str. 4-6


Dear all,

I was so saddened by the death of Crispian Scully. As usual in these cases, words are not enough to give the sense of the loss.

Cris was such a brilliant and talented person that he truly changed our way to consider and perform Oral Medicine, from a research and clinic point of view.

I will never forget the years between 1985 and 2000, years when Italian Oral Medicine started to be studied and managed by the first historical group of Italian young PhD and assistants like me, Lorenzo Lo Muzio, Giuseppina Campisi, Gianfranco Favia and Michele Giuliani. Cris was so inspiring, supportive, tireless in providing us all the skills we needed, backing us in undertaking a so difficult step. We took our cue from him, we had a great reference model to follow.

Italian Oral Medicine and all of us have to be grateful to Crispian Scully.

I will never forget him and I know for sure that no one of us will never forget him.

Grazie Cris.

Prof. Michele Mignogna


Dear Colleagues,

Many of you have highlighted the uncountable special qualities which made Crispian Scully a unique person as a man, a researcher and a mentor.

I would like to take this chance to express my sincere gratitude to such an incredible figure and to send my condolences to his family and closest friends.

We will be missing him forever

Eugenio Maiorano

Prof. Eugenio Maiorano, MD, MS

Anatomia Patologica

Università degli Studi di Bari "Aldo Moro"

Policlinico -

Bari (Italy)

The demise of a great scholar in the calibre of Prof Crispian Scully came as a shock to many of me here in Nigeria. I may not have met him physically but I have read his thoughts and submissions in journals and textbooks. He had an opinion and strong presence on every aspect of Oral medicine. One could say he has seen it all in the specialty of Oral medicine. This is a great loss to all in field of Dentistry.

My heartfelt condolences to his immediate family and to all he has supported through his works.

Adieu Prof Crispian Scully. You have left your footsteps in the sands of time.

Dr Anthony Osaguona BDS, FWACS

Consultant OMFS

Department of Oral Surgery and Pathology

University of Benin, Benin City

Dear friends,

The Italian Society of Oral Pathology and Medicine (SIPMO) shares the grief of the family and the sadness of the whole scientific world for the untimely passing of Crispian Scully.

For all of us and for future generations Crispian represents a milestone in Oral Medicine and pathology.

For those of us who have had the opportunity to know him personally and to work with,  Crispian remains a great friend and colleague, whose passion for Research and Clinic, enthusiasm, energy and the ability to be close to all, with simplicity, should continue to be a model for all of us.

I and all Italian colleagues will always  remember him.

Prof. Lorenzo Lo Muzio, MD, DMD, PhD

Presidente del Corso di Laurea Magistrale in Odontoiatria e Protesi Dentaria dell' Università degli Studi di Foggia

Presidente della Società Italiana di Patologia e Medicina Orale (SIPMO)

Presidente della Conferenza Permanente dei Presidenti dei Corsi di Laurea in Odontoiatria e Protesi Dentaria

Direttore del Dipartimento di Medicina Clinica e Sperimentale

Università degli Studi di Foggia


We bid adieu and farewell to a giant, and wish Zoe and their daughter our most sincere condolences.

Prof Jim Sciubba, DMD, PhD

Professor, Ret

The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

Currently: Consultant

The Milton J. Dance Head & Neck Center

The Greater Baltimore Medical Center

Baltimore, USA

Dear EAOM  Members,

I  too  was very  shocked  by the  news  of  the  death of Professor Crispian  Scully. His  amazing contribution  to  the  field of  oral  medicine  has  been  much  described  by  colleagues  in the  past  two  days. Crispian was  a  wonderful  leader  in the  field  of  oral medicine and his  clinical  and academic  work  was  quite  amazing in quality  and  quantity. I  am  personally  grateful  to Crispian  for help  that  he  gave  me  when  I became  interested  in oral  medicine  and also  for  the  advice that  he  was  often  able to  give  me  related  to  my  clinical  and academic practice. 

I  should also  like to express  my  sincere condolences to  his  wife  and  daughter.

Prof W. Peter Holbrook

Faculty  of Odontology

University  of Iceland

As has already been commented by many colleagues, speaking of Professor Crispian Scullymeans speaking of excellence in the field of Oral Medicine, where he has been a strong example of tenacity, and of constant and daily effort.

His knowledge in all areas of Oral Medicine has been so notorious that it cannot be explained or even imagined in only a few lines.

His professional trajectory is an example for all those young people who seek a reference when starting their own activities in teaching and research.

When participating with him in some project, he was always a step ahead of us, setting the guidelines and timeframes. Professor Crispian Scully has been a model for imagination and constant innovation.

It was a privilege to work with him.

I wish to express my gratitude to someone who has been a constant source of support, help and guidance.

My sincere condolences to all

Prof.Jose Bagan,

Valencia, Spain

I never had the good fortune to meet Prof. Scully in person, but have grown up with his work throughout my professional career - his articles, books, talks and published discussions. My respects for him have been the highest, and I am aware that his influence on the discipline and profession of dentistry has been immense and very wide ranging across the world.

This is a great and irreparable loss to all!

Dr. Amit Chattopadhyay


Director of Research: The Georgia School of Orthodontics, Atlanta, GA, USA

Adj. Professor of Oral Medicine: Case Western Reserve University School of Dental Medicine, Cleveland, OH, USA

I too was stunned and upset to hear the news. Stephen Porter's comments are most apposite and capture just how unique and enormous Crispian's contributions to the field of Oral Medicine have been. I had been with Crispian at a meeting only a few weeks ago when we discussed as usual the world of oral medicine, he with typical irreverance! We have been friends since he came to Guys to do his PhD with Tom Lehner in the early 1980's and had regular and enjoyable telephone conversations with him ever since. It was rewarding to be involved with him in the early days of the EAOM and the success of EAOM subsequently reflects his vision and wisdom. His energy, commitment and contributions have single-handedly enhanced the field worldwide, and his passing is a huge loss for us all.

Professor Stephen Challacombe PhD, FRCPath, FMedSci, DSc (h.c.), FKC

Martin Rushton Professor of Oral Medicine,

King's College London

Guys Hospital London

   It is a very difficult time for me to express my deeply sadness to Prof. Scully. During long term friendship over 25 years, he was shown his kindness support my career on Oral Medicine. All he had done, definitely it was not only for me but also our country. Prof. Scully will be still on our minds and his name will never forgotten forever.

  With our sincere condolences from Thai colleagues.

Prof. Kobkan Thongprasom

B.Sc. (Hons), D.D.S (Hons.),  M.Sc. (Oral Medicine)

Director, Research Unit of Oral Diseases

Honorary consultant, Oral Diseases Group of Thailand

Oral Medicine Department

Faculty of Dentistry

Chulalongkorn University



We are all very sad for the loss of Professor Chrispian Scully, the Oral Medicine Leader.

Indeed, I consider myself to be very lucky to have met that great man.

Sincere condolences to his wife Zoe and his daughter Frances.

Dr. Apostolos Matiakis, Greece

I was greatly saddened to learn of the untimely death of Crispian Scully.

It is difficult to believe that such a dynamic and energetic figure is no longer with us.  His influence on the Specialty of Oral Medicine was immense.  He encouraged and facilitated the careers of so many of his colleagues, including my own, for which I will always be indebted to him.

Oral Medicine has lost one of its great and highly respected leaders who was an excellent  ambassador for the specialty.

Crispian will be deeply missed but his prodigious achievements will ensure that he will not be forgotten.

With sincere condolences to all his family.

Dr. John Hamburger

Birmingham, United Kingdom

I have been greatly saddened by the news of Crispian’s death. I worked closely with Crispian for very many years - first as a student in Glasgow, a PhD student in Bristol and then as a colleague in the Eastman. The very many kind the comments made by others of how he influenced/mentored/guided them are highly appropriate – indeed there are actually many others that have come from across the globe with similar reflections. He was quite a whirlwind to work with. I have written an announcement for our Institute website (which tends to focus upon his time at the Eastman) and an obituary that will be later published in the British Dental Journal.

The text for our Institute website will be as indicated below.  The last paragraph is, I hope, the most fitting at this time:

Crispian Scully was unique. There is unlikely to be anyone in the near future in dentistry with such energy and focus.  Throughout this professional journey Professor Scully was supported and guided by his wife, Zoe, and daughter Frances. It is thus fitting that those who have benefited from Professor Scully’s life’s work should, as we do now, thank them for the love and care that they provided to a man who will be greatly missed.

Prof. Stephen Porter

Head of the Eastman Dental Institute, London, United Kingdom

Dear colleagues and friends around the world,

On behalf of myself and all the members of the Israeli Society of Oral Medicine, we would like to express our sincere condolences about the passing away of Professor Crispian Scully.

His premature death shocked the Oral Medicine community in Israel. He was an extraordinary scientist and a great leader of this profession. We were all inspired by his dedication to the field .We are sure that the effects of his passing will be felt by the Oral Medicine community around the world.

Our sincere condolences to his family, friends and colleges,

May his soul rest in peace!

Dr. Galit Almoznino DMD, M.Sc., MHA,

President, the Israeli Society of Oral Medicine (ISOM)

Department of Oral Medicine

The Hebrew University-Hadassah

Faculty of Dental Medicine, Jerusalem, Israel

It is indeed a very sad day for oral medicine and for the British Oral Medicine community in particular. We have sadly lost one of our most dynamic and leading lights but his influence will endure through his many publications and the enthusiasm for oral medicine he instilled in the next generation of oral physicians. He will be greatly missed. None more so than by his family to whom, I am sure, we all extend our sincere condolences.

Martin H. Thornhill

Professor of Translational Research in Dentistry

Times Higher Education University of the Year 2011

Academic Unit of Oral & Maxillofacial Medicine & Surgery,

University of Sheffield School of Clinical Dentistry,


United Kingdom.

Dear all, dear friends around the world,

this is more than sad news - I still can't believe it. Our dearest friend Crispian has passed away - much too soon and - for me - totally unexpected. Cris - as Antonio has so nicely summarized - was one of our most outstanding characters in Oral Medicine. His contributions to oral science are immense. But what counts for me since I first met Cris more than 30 years ago is that he has been such a wonderful, open minded person. Witty and sharp as he was we had many personal discussions about life (!), science and many many other topics - sometimes of philosophical background. I will miss Crispian.

My thoughts go to Zoe, his wife and his daughter Frances.

Prof. Peter A. Reichart, Berlin, Germany

Very sad news!

I was privileged to have a few collaborative interactions with Crispian, in which I learned first-hand what a giant this man was, not only in his knowledge, wisdom and fluency but also in his generosity of sharing all these with younger and less experienced colleagues.

Dr.Andy Wolff


We were all in awe of Crispian's profound and detailed knowledge and of his immense productivity.

He was an icon of our generation.

We worked with and against each other for many years. He was a hard taskmaster.

He told me he would not start Oral Oncology without me and I was happy to serve that journal in its early years. He and SamanWarnakulasuriya and I started Oral Diseases together. He was always there, prompting, advising, constructively criticising.

He has left us far too early. We are all the poorer.

My deepest sympathy tom his wife and daughter and all family and friends.


Emeritus Professor Newell W Johnson, CMG, FMedSci

MDSc (Melb) , PhD (Bristol), FDSRCS (Eng), FRACDS, FOMAA, FRCPath (UK), FFOP(RCPA), FHEA (UK), FICD.

Honorary Professor of Dental Research, Menzies Health Institute Queensland and School of Dentistry and Oral Health, Griffith University.

Emeritus Professor, Griffith Institute for Educational Research.

Dear Antonio, dear colleagues and friends,

We are all very shocked and saddened by the sad news about sudden loss of  Professor Scully  who was our  friend  and a great role model.

His  friendship and continuous support to our Department of oral medicine in Zagreb is unforgettable and we will remember Professor Scully with gratitude.

We refer sincerest condolences to his wife Zoe and daughter Frances , and the whole family and all  friends. We will miss Professor Scully very much.

Marinka Mravak Stipetic

I had never the occasion to meet personally Prof. Scully, but it was always in my hope to have this opportunity, and now it will be never possible. I only had the occasion to participate to some of his presentation, what a extraordinary man. It is really a sorrowful circumstance for our community and, above all, a grave loss.

Sibi sit terra levis,

Guido Lorenzini

Dear colleagues,

I met Professor Crispian Scully when I was a postgraduate student in Bristol. I shall always remember him as a teacher, as a tutor and as a wonderful person.

From Thessaloniki Greece and the local Dept of Oral Medicine, I would like to express our sincere condolences to his wife Zoe ,  his daughter Frances and the international family of Oral Medicine. 

Rest in peace our beloved Crispian.

Athanasios Poulopoulos

Associate Professor

Dear all,

My heartfelt condolences

May God almighty provide strength and peace to near and dear ones to bear this loss

Dr.Asok Mathew BDS, MDS( Oral Med & Radiology) Fellowship in dental lasers ( Genoa , ITALY)

Faculty , clinic supervisor Ajman University of science and technology.

Al Fujairah.

Today, in London, our dear colleague, founder, past-president and friend Crispian Scully left us. This premature death is a shock to his many friends around the world and a great loss to oral medicine. Few in our field could not have heard of Cris.

Crispian Scully made a mark in oral medicine and medically compromised patients which must be difficult to equal and very similar to the one left by Jens Pindborg. During his career (right to its end, because a couple of weeks ago we were still exchanging professional emails) he published more than 1000 (1K) MEDLINE papers, 400 research papers, 200 reviews, 150 chapters, 50 clinical papers, 34 authored and 11 edited books. H factor 56. He was Dean the University of Bristol and of the Eastman Dental Institute (UCL), UCL Emeritus Professor; King James IV Professor, Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh; WHO Collaborating Centre for Oral Health-General Health Director; British Society for Oral Medicine President; Royal College of Surgeons Council Member; Oral Diseases, and Medicina Oral Editor; Journal of Investigative and Clinical Dentistry Associate Editor. His CV is of an incommensurable size and available on line.

For his contribution to his country Education he received the highest degree of the Order of the British Empire (CBE)

He lectured around the world and received honorary doctorates from many Universities  the last of which was the University of Santiago de Compostela, so close to the Portuguese border. His considerable expertise in his field was also recognized by his involvement in a number of national and international committees and by invitations as visiting professor in many areas of the world, being specially active helping those in developing countries.

However, many of his friends and colleagues will remember Cris not only as one of the greater names of oral medicine, and fountain of knowledge, but as a genuinely wonderful person (and critically acid...). His enthusiasm for his (and our) specialty  had no bounds!

Professor Crispian Scully will be missed by many but never forgotten. His name lives on, not only forever attached to clinical entities he described and in his books and foundation papers, but in many of us who benefited from his wisdom and friendship.

In my house we all will miss Cris deeply!

In my name and of all the members of the Portuguese Academy of Oral Medicine I send a fraternal embrace to his family,  particularly his wife Zoe and daughter Frances and to the big international family of oral medicine

Lisbon, 17/3/2017

Prof. Antonio Mano Azul, Lisbon, Portugal

Dear Marco,

Thank you for confirming the sad news about Crispian.

I have been informed a few hours ago on the phone that Crispian passed away

but I had no confirmation.

I was not aware of his illness and it was a shock to me. It is really a

great loss for our specialty. His contribution to Oral Medicine worldwide is

undoubted and he deserves all the prices in his memory.

Best wishes,

Prof. Alexandra Sklavounou, DDS, MS, PhD

Professor and Head

Department of Oral Medicine and Oral Pathology

Dental School, University of Athens

Athens, Greece

Professor Scully was indeed an icon in our specialty.

Crisp Scully was a dear and personal friend who loved Greece. "May we all live to remember him" is the traditional Greek mourning saying.

Too sad for words.

Dr. Eleni Gagari, Athens, Greece

Dear colleagues,

I would just like to join all members of the international OralMedicine/Stomatology and allied disciplines community in expressing my great sadness for the loss of Professor Scully, one of the most influential and inspiring figures of all times in our field. EAOM President Marco Carrozzo and others have eloquently articulated what Professor Scully represented for our discipline. On a personal note, I would just like to add that I feel very blessed to be one of the countless persons who have benefited from his multifaceted scientific work, wisdom and genuine interest for younger colleagues; as far as the latter goes, I always felt that, not only he was available to provide his word of wisdom to everybody who approached him, but he was also constantly observing the career progress of younger individuals, offering them motivation and support, e.g. by rewarding them for their accomplishments with a kind message of recognition or by providing them with examples from his own experience in order to encourage and advise.

Professor Scully has been a role model and an inspiration for most of the people of my generation and, academically speaking, a father figure in many ways. He will be greatly missed but never forgotten.

Nikolaos G. Nikitakis, MD, DDS, PhD

Associate Professor, Department of Oral Pathology and Medicine, Dental

School, University of Athens, Greece

Secretary General, European Association of Oral Medicine

President, Hellenic Society of Oral Medicine and Oral Pathology

I agree that Crispian will be greatly, greatly missed. What an incredible contribution he made to Oral Medicine, and each new contribution was done so quickly that before I grasped what he had done he was moving on to the next "big thing." I sat next to him at an HPV international symposium in London back in the early 1990s and watched him writing notes on EVERYTHING said; within 6 months he published a completely thorough and thoughtful review of the topic. And then he would DO IT AGAIN on another topic! From that point on he became one of the names for which I simply did periodic PubMed searches just to be sure I kept up with the times. What a mind.

And he cared so much about the state of the Oral Medicine world, not for his own sake but truly for the sake of the specialty itself. He and I communicated, verbally and electronically, so frequently about how to advance the field that I could not help to be impressed by his altruistic attitude, even though I think many in our fields saw him as too self-serving and attention-seeking. I consider myself to have been blessed by my contacts with this great man.

All the best to him, forever,

Dr. J. E. Bouquot

Adjunct Professor & Past Chair (Retired), Department of Diagnostic & Biomedical Sciences

University of Texas School of Dentistry at Houston, Houston, Texas 77054

Clinical Professor & Past Chair (Retired), West Virginia University School of Dentistry

Morgantown, USA

I am speechless. A great loss to his family and to our profession. The first time I met with Crispian was about 40 years ago.

He will always be remembered.

Meir Gorsky.

Prof. M. Gorsky   , Israel

It is really a big loss.  There are not enough words to express the gratitude for all the great contributions he made in the field of Oral Medicine. Very sad.

Dr.Giuseppe Ficarra

Florence, Italy

I never met Professor Crispian Scully, but his comments on BBOP were always insightful, and I learned much from his posts. He will be missed.

James E. Cade, DDS

Diplomate, American Board of Oral Medicine

Fellow, American Academy of Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology

Associate Professor

Department of Oral Diagnostic Sciences

Meharry School of Dentistry

Nashville, USA

That is the saddest of news. One thinks that an Icon can live forever but, sadly, that is not the case. I never personally met the man but I always looked forward to reading his sage advice and marveling at the depth of the bibliographies he would append to his messages. Once, when in an e-mail I complimented him on this, he wryly responded that he had "Dr. Google" as a resource. Truly a measure of greatness is a sense of humor and the ability not to take oneself too seriously. Professor Scully you will be missed but your wisdom is sorely needed above.

Raymond Melrose

Oh no!!!! This is                a colossal and unmitigated loss. I am shocked, very (very) saddened by this news, and short of words.


Professor, Oral & Maxillofacial/Head and Neck Pathology

Professor, Pathology & Lab Medicine, UTHealth McGovern Medical School, Houston

King James IV Professor, Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh (RCSEd; 2016)

Professor and Chair

Department of Diagnostic & Biomedical Science |

Houston, Texas,USA

Dear Marco

Thank you for letting us know the sad news about Crispian

He was, as you say, a central figure to the development of oral medicine around the world and will be greatly missed

Best wishes

Prof. Michael Escudier, EAOM Treasurer

London, United Kingdom



When I first met Prof. it was during my MSc course in 2003 at the EDI in

London. It was me, Cristina, Khalid and Mohamed, all together in his office

around his table. We used to have lessons on systemic conditions and related

problems in Oral Medicine. He was able to make simple the more difficult

things and it was astonishing to listen to his speech. Since that time, he

helped me in different steps of my career: for becoming an active member of

EAOM, for applying to WWOM as assistant reviewer and reviewer, for

designing, writing and editing manuscripts, and also for preparing lectures.

He was a mentor, a guide to follow. When I needed help he was always

present, always. Dear Prof, I will sure miss you a lot. RIP. Yours "Paulo".


Dr. Paolo G. Arduino

University of Turin, Italy


When I first met Prof. it was during my MSc course in 2003 at the EDI in London. It was me, Cristina, Khalid and Mohamed, all together in his office around his table. We used to have lessons on systemic conditions and related problems in Oral Medicine. He was able to make simple the more difficult things and it was astonishing to listen to his speech. Since that time, he helped me in different steps of my career: for becoming an active member of EAOM, for applying to WWOM as assistant reviewer and reviewer, for designing, writing and editing manuscripts, and also for preparing lectures. He was a mentor, a guide to follow. When I needed help he was always present, always. Dear Prof, I will sure miss you a lot. RIP. Yours "Paulo".

Dr. Paolo G. Arduino

University of Turin, Italy