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European Association of Oral Medicine

Diploma in Oral Medicine

General Information

Dr. N. Nikitakis, EAOM Secretary General
Department of Oral Medicine and Pathology
School of Dentistry, National and Kapodistrian
University of Athens, Greece
2 Thivon St. 14564 Goudi
Athens, Greece
Tel: 00-30/6939008507
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The European Association of Oral Medicine (EAOM) aims, through its Diploma, to increase the knowledge among dentists and physicians who are working in the field of oral medicine and to facilitate a pan-European level of competence in Oral Medicine. The diploma leads to the status of Diplomat in Oral Medicine within the EAOM. It has no legal status in any of the European countries. The validity of the Diploma is set at 10 years; thereafter, a Certification Maintenance Examination is required. Members who have a recognized specialist' status in Oral Medicine in a country where Oral Medicine is an officially recognized specialty and members with an equivalent to the specialist' status in countries where Oral Medicine is not officially recognized as a specialty may apply for being exempted from taking the examination. The correspondence should be directed to the Secretary-General of the EAOM. The EAOM has the right to invite such applicants to present an updated curriculum vitae for further consideration.


Examination is performed once every two years, usually in association with the biennial EAOM meeting and is divided into a written and an oral part.
• the written examination consists of multiple choice and/or essay questions in English and will be based on the "Recommended Reading List", as being made available by the EAOM. The time for the written part should not exceed two hours.
• the oral examination should not exceed one hour for each candidate and will be held in English. Conflicts of interest between candidates and examiners of the same nationality will be minimized as far as it is possible.
To obtain a Diploma in Oral Medicine the candidate must pass both the theoretical and verbal examination. A pass corresponds to 50% or more. The results are given soon after the examination. If the candidate fails in the verbal or the written part, that particular part will be re-examined at the next biennial meeting.The fee for partial re-examination will be 50% of the standard examination fee. The decision of the Diploma Examination Committee is final. There is no higher body to appeal to.


Application for a Diploma in Oral Medicine
Requirements for EAOM Diploma are as follows:
Dentist or physician for at least five years EAOM member for at least two years Application form accompanied by a registration fee of £ 50 (English pounds) or the equivalent in Euros, non refundable, and an additional examination fee of £ 250 (English pounds) or the equivalent in Euros.The completed application form should be submitted to the Secretary-General and the payment form to the Treasurer at least six months prior to the examination. Acceptance of the application is valid upon receipt of the administration and examination fees The candidate will be informed within six weeks after receipt of the application fee. Those who apply for being exempted from taking the examination, should only remit the application fee of £ 50 (English pounds) or the equivalent in Euros. The application should be accompanied by a supporting letter from the President of the National Oral Medicine association or its equivalent The application must contain written information of previous clinical and theoretical education related to oral medicine, using the standard EAOM curriculum vitae form.


All correspondence in relation to the Diploma in Oral Medicine should be directed to the Secretary-General of the EAOM