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President’s Welcome Message

Dear Colleagues,

It was fantastic to meet many of you in Turin for our biennial conference. I am sure you enjoyed the outstanding meeting as much as I did, but I hope that did not stop you from making the most of your stay in that beautiful city.

I think we all have to thank the EAOM Board and the local organizing committee for an extremely successful and well-attended meeting, during which we also had a first intriguing and promising touch of the next EAOM meeting that will be held in Gothenburg jointly with the World Workshop in Oral Medicine in 2018.

More incredible and delightful still was the fact that my election as EAOM’s President occurred in a city that means so much to me: the city where I was born and educated, and the starting point of my academic career.

In my life, I had the opportunity of being involved in the management of National and International Scientific Societies on Oral Medicine; I have been the Secretary of the Italian Society of Oral Medicine and Pathology (SIPMO) and involved in the EAOM Council, and am currently the Honorary Secretary of the British Society for Oral Medicine, but my greatest honour and achievement is standing here today speaking to all of you. I have always considered EAOM a fantastic platform for Oral Medicine to grow and establish itself as a world-renowned specialty within both Medicine and Dentistry. I believe EAOM should keep increasing its International profile, and hence am very proud and honoured  to see a consistent number of non-European colleagues attending our meetings and taking an active part in the Society. On that regard, it is excellent news that our American friends finally managed to have Oral Medicine officially recognized as a Specialty in the United States.

I truly believe in our excellence, and I trust that by continuing to build on the pillars laid by Prof Sklavounou and her predecessors, we will continue furthering that excellence. This means completing the amazing work on the web-site and expanding the Oral Medicine diploma.

Another important priority is certainly to increase our global standing by trying to involve our colleagues from all around the world who share our interest in Oral Medicine as much as possible, not least so as to secure EAOM’s financial future. It will also be commendable to really start to collaborate on research projects.

I also think there is an urgent need in Oral Medicine to establish internationally agreed standards on diagnosis and management, at least on most common diseases. As President of EAOM I would play to our considerable strengths, but sharpen our focus on position papers production as a way to influence decision makers.

Of course, the achievement of all these are dependent on the pro-active aid of EAOM membership. At the very end, every one of you represents the Society, and we can only become better if we work together to make Oral Medicine and EAOM a constant, growing success. Moreover, to make these dreams come true, EAOM has to evolve as an organization.  For this reason, hopefully soon, many of you will be contacted regarding the formation of new committees intended to collaborate with the Board and myself to accomplish these aims.

I am confident that you will be ready to engage with us

With my best wishes

Marco Carrozzo
President of the EAOM



Professor Marco Corrozzo president

Professor Marco Carrozzo